I was introduced to Doterra essential oils not really knowing what this company did or what the benefits of using them were. All I wanted to use them for was to make my own perfume having made it for many years prior. Little did I know that this company was so much more than just a pretty scent. What I soon discovered was that these essential oils had helped so many people who have felt hopeless in their health, and finances. Similar to what I was going through at the time. What I didn't realize at the time was that these oils came to me at exactly the right time and that they contribute to the support of emotional healing. That without them, I wouldn't have been able to deeply connect back to who I am and healing the part of myself that wasn't deeply loving and accepting myself. I began removing the old stories that were keeping me stuck, living small and in situations that were disempowering me. I encouraged myself to probe a bit deeper as to why I felt how I did and why I kept on repeating the same pattern over and over again. That I needed to take responsibility for my own circumstances. By taking my own healing and transformation into my own hands I began researching how these oils have helped those who had come into contact with them. I began learning about other successful leaders in Doterra and learned about their stories and how they overcame huge obstacles and took their health and finances into their own hands.

Beyond all of what I was going through, I learned was that the company is constantly working with communities and farmers all over the world. Ensuring that the quality of their life and resources are available to them. That they do what was hard and not easy. And for the growers and farmers to live a life of quality and empowerment for them to own their own land and give them hope for a better life. They were building infrastructure and providing clean water in communities that didn't have any. This is way beyond what I could have comprehended a company could possibly do. Knowing that so many other companies exploit and mislead their farmers for their own gain. Having learned all of this, it made me inquire about the products that I use in my house. Where did it come from, was it ethically sourced what are the ingredients? What I learned was that we are not given all of the information. That you really have to inquire about each product. Palm oil and habitats that have been lost due to the deforestation simply to get this one ingredient. Let alone the chemicals and synthetics that are mixed in regular household products.

I didn't want to buy half of what I had in my cupboard anymore and so as I did with my personal empowerment. I decided to make my own products and not contribute or support these brands that continue to cover up what they put in their products.

I am constantly in pursuit of what is pure and seeking out products that have integrity as I feel like we haven't had much of a choice in the past. Now with so much knowledge and information at our fingertips, I feel like that I can't go back to this old way of living and that there isn't an excuse anymore for feeling disempowered or living on autopilot/ unconsciously anymore. Which can I say feels soo bloody empowering! It has forced me to inquire and ask a few more questions about the products that I use.

I want to do a post on Kmart as I have been a lover of Kmart for soooooo long! I know that it is such an easy solution for many of us however not the best for the environment!